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To start a Music & Research Academy at this sacred seat of Indian classical music had been a dream of patrons of Indian classical music for the last many decades. Pandit Madan Lal Bali started Harivallabh Sangeet Academy in 1956. But the academy could not complete a decade.

The desire to start a well organised music academy was further strengthened with each passing year as the fusion and western music was finding greater appeal amongst the youth and at times it was felt that the age old tradition of Indian classical music was losing its appeal in the younger generation.

Gauging the gravity of the situation,
Shree Baba Harballabh Sangeet Mahasabha which has been making its earnest endeavours in the last 143 years, to preserve and propagate Hindustani Classical Music by organizing Annual Sangeet Sammelan, Sangeet Pratiyogita, Sangeet Utsavs, Seminars etc decided that:

  • To preserve the purity of Indian Classical Music
  • To nurture it so that the priceless heritage is not lost with the passage of time, and
  • To propagate in amongst the initiated or un-initiated, especially the younger generation

Shree Baba Harballabh Sangeet Mahasabha must establish a modern 'Gurukul' an institution for imparting rigorous training in Indian Classical Music to the students of music by the most competent guides and maestros.

Thus, the project for establishing Harivallabh Music & Research Academy was initiated in the year 2007.
A resolution to this effect was passed by the general body during meeting held on 12th December, 2007

Our plans got a boost when S. Prakash Singh Badal declared a grant of Rs. One Crore, for the establishment of the Academy during the Sangeet Sammelan in 2007.

To nurture and propagate the priceless heritage of Indian Classical music, beginning with Hindustani Classical Music, through the age old learning tradition of 'Guru-Shishya Parampara'.

Aims and Objectives
The loss of royal patronage threw the arts open to public mercy. Classical music, in its pure form, is fundamentally a complex study and therefore, cannot come within the reach of the uninitiated. As a result, serious music suffered. Pt. V N Bhatkhande and Pt. V D Paluskar tried to bring classical music within the reach of the middle class intelligentsia, in a systematic way, by introducing music education in universities and institutions. But such institutions rarely succeeded in producing musicians.

History reveals that the only effective method to impart the complex techniques of any art form, especially music, is through long years of close involvement between teacher and student. This enables the teacher help the student imbibe music as an art form, while yet allowing it to naturally unfold in its full creative splendour.

Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy is being created with the aim of stemming the process of gradual distortion and dissipation in traditional forms and techniques of Indian classical music. 
The aim is to establish a modern 'Gurukul' and revive the traditional 'Guru-Shishya Parampara'.
To ensure quality education and research, the Academy would be run professionally.

The three basic objectives Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy are: 
1. To create an effective training system.
2. To rationalize traditional data with the help of modern research methods and technology
3. To promote and propagate Indian Classical music

Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy shall provide the security and the comforts of a home and the opportunity for a brighter future to both the gurus and the scholars. It shall achieve this through the implementation of its objectives based on a training system that is essentially the Guru-Shishya Parampara with suitable contemporary fine-tuning.

The quality of the average listener plays a vital role in the development of music. In the current Indian classical music scenario, where the audience has assumed the role of the most decisive patron, the task of nourishing a solid base of high quality listeners has become a critical factor for the survival of the best values in music.

Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy shall undertake the task of creating a wide variety of platforms all over the country and abroad, which attempt:
1. To take high quality music systematically to areas and sections of the population who otherwise do not enjoy access to it.
2. To cater to specialized audience needs and create connoisseurs of music by changing the conventional conference mould and creating new thematic profiles.
3. To commemorate those veterans and doyens of classical music whose 'pursuit of music as a form of knowledge has enabled us to establish and perpetuate a community of shared values'.
The spirit of enquiry shall remain one of the foundations on which Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy shall ensure the continuity of India's musical heritage. Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy shall probe all areas in the structure and material of musical traditions today.

The Plan
Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha plans to establish:
1. A Music School for those who appreciate Indian Classical Music.
2. A Music & Research Academy for those who want Indian Classical Music as a career path.
3. Music Workshops conducted by the eminent artists of Indian Classical Music for the benefit of students of music,
4. A Music University to finally test the abilities, talent, of the students of Music and to grant them degrees in music,
5. A Music Archive for housing recordings of the great maestros, Music Library containing Audio, Video Recordings, Reference books on music to fulfill the quest for material for the research scholars.
6. A Music Therapy centre to help people get de-stressed
7. A Building complex that will house all the facilities and of course
8. A Team of trainers, experts, technicians and the students, the research scholars.

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The Progress Report

Construction of Harivallabh Bhawan

The firm foundation of this long awaited project was laid in June 2006 with the magnanimous donation of a piece of land by Shree Devi Talab Mandir Prabandhak Committee to Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha for building Harivallabh Bhawan to house the proposed music school, Sangeet & Research Academy, an auditorium to hold music workshops and small concerts and to house the music library and archive.

The project got a boost when the Chief Minister of Punjab S. Parkash Singh Badal announced a generous grant of Rupees One Crore for the establishment of Harivallabh Sangeet & Research Academy.

Shri Manoranjan Kalia, Minister for Local Bodies, Industry, Punjab handed over the cheque of Rs.One Crore to accelerate the activities. 

It had been decided to carry out the project in Three Phases.

Phase -1 - To build the outer shell and internal structural work. - The work has already been completed.

In reciprocation of the generous offer made by Shaheed Ramesh Chander Memorial Society to donate Rs.10 Lacs, the Mahasabha has decided to name one hall as Shaheed Ramesh Chander Hall. The auditorium will be named after the great freedom fighter Shri Manmohan Kalia

Phase - 2 - To carry out the interior finishing and furnishing work. To get the acoustics work and Air Conditioning work completed. To ensure installation of electrical, electronic equipments is complete within two years. - The work on this is in progress.

Phase - 3 - To complete the roof top garden cum open air music concert hall within three years

On the Academic side:

Harivallabh Music School - On 7th January 2010, Harivallabh Music School was inaugurated to impart formal education in Indian Classical Music to school and college students free of cost.

5 Sangeet Aacharyas have given their consent to establish and carry forward Guru Shishya Parampara.

Music Archive and Music Library - A well equipped Music Archive has been setup for the benefit of Research students. For the present it has been housed in the office of the Treasurer. It will be shifted in Harivallabh Bhawan as soon as the same is ready

Music Workshops & Sangeet Seminars Lecture cum Demonstration music workshops and Sangeet seminars are being organised at regular intervals for the benefit of students of music.

Work on the establishment of Harivallabh Sangeet Vishvidyalaya is still in the planning stage.

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You Can Contribute!

Great institutions can only be built by pooling in of resources by the leaders in trade, industry, government, well wishers and donors.

Punjab Government has very kindly contributed Rupees One Crore for the establishment of Harivallabh Music Academy.

Financial contributions to the tune of Rs.300 Lacs are required immediately to maintain the pace of work of building this great institution.

You are one of the few privileged persons who can afford to make a lasting contribution in promoting and preserving Indian Classical Music.

Please do make a generous contribution towards this noble cause, Contact Us

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